To find young men and women who have the desire to become U.S. Marine officers or enlisted Marines.


Major Robert Murray, Commanding Officer
Sergeant Major Don Reynolds
Captain Elise Erickson, Officer Selection Team Fargo (North Dakota, northern and central outstate Minnesota down to Mankato)
Captain Shane DuBord, Officer Selection Team Minneapolis (Metro-Minneapolis east to Eau Claire, Wisconsin)


  • Approximately 90 Marines on staff
  • Responsible for officer recruiting and enlisted recruiting across Minnesota, Northwest Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota
  • 11 Recruiting Substations across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and northwest Wisconsin


  • Recruits 50-60 Marine Officer candidates for commissions and enlists 700-800 future Marines each year.
  • Second Saturday of the month. Each substation conducts a monthly “poolee” function to prepare future Marines for recruit training “boot camp.”
  • Spring 2022. Mini-boot camp.
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